A non-rigid approach to HR I provide a HR support and advice service to small business […]
Company Culture What is company culture? Culture is like an invisible, informal, way of behaving, or […]
Performance Management People are your greatest asset in any organisation, without them you can’t achieve success.  […]
How do I fire / Dismiss an employee? Can I just dismiss them?  How do I […]
Team Coaching The great majority of today’s corporate jobs necessitates strong cooperation between teams. Unfortunately, building […]
Leadership coaching assists managers & business owners move from managing teams to leading teams. It is […]
My Business coaching is for small business owners or anyone thinking about starting their own business. […]
Career Coaching What is the purpose of career coaching? Career coaching is for people who have […]
For Start-Ups and businesses recruiting their first employee’s. Be legally compliant from day one. Recruiting and […]
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