a non-rigid approach to business coaching

My Business coaching is for small business owners or anyone thinking about starting their own business. As a business coach I help you grow your business by, helping you craft your strategies for growth, setting goals, practical advice, helping you to make better decisions and build relationships. It is a process where we look at where your business is now, and make a plan about where you want it to be in the future.

What is your vision and values?

Building your business isn’t just about the business issues, it is about everything that affects your business. Does your business reflect the values that you hold most dear, are you doing what really fulfills you? To build a successful company you need to achieve a higher state of performance, by demonstrating stronger leadership qualities, building trust with your team, and how to improve your focus, so that things get done more efficiently.

Compass to guide you in the right direction for your business

Accountability to achieve what you set out to achieve

Set the right goals to achieve your business objectives

Navigate challenges that you may face in your business

Help to generate new ideas and ways of working

Stay on the right track to success

Why do I need business coaching?

Your guiding light to success


I had a coaching session with Lisa that was brilliant. It wasn’t about giving me advice, answers or solutions but about allowing me the space to think and explore various options and think about how each option may impact me. I have since come up with some goals with achievable timelines and feel invigorated and focused. Lisa also helped me see that sometimes even with focus things may not work to my plan but explored with me how I could adapt to that and re plan if needed.


Lisa proved herself to be a highly experienced professional in retail and her impact to our business was very perceptable and important. She developed a training program for store managers focussed on our local demands, and local markets environment. She was a great asset for our business. We received ELC International award for 2nd place retail sales growth and Lisa made a great contribution to this result.



Lisa is a very supportive and caring colleague and was always a phone call away for advice.  Lisa has an absolute passion for coaching, mentoring and developing her people.  Lisa is strong minded and determined and delivers results the right way through her people.  Lisa will be a great asset to any business.

Business coaching can provide you with an outside perspective on your business 

The catalyst for seeking out a coach can be one of dissatisfaction with your business, and wanting to do better. You may be feeling unfulfilled, and demotivated, not knowing what to do next to change things, or you may have too many initiatives and not sure which one to pick? How do you get unstuck and change what you are doing, or take your business to the next level? Will it make a difference?

The secret of success

Develop a vision

What does your company stand for?what are your values, and what is your long term vision for the buiness?

Enable your company to flourish

Having an idea isn’t enough to develop a strong profitable business. You need the right plans, processes, people, and actions to turn your idea into reality.

Communication is key to a lasting relationship

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