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Career coaching is for people who have either experienced redundancy and not sure what direction to go forward in, want to progress in their existing role, or reached a point in their life where their current career no longer works for them, and they want to transition over to another career.

What is the purpose of career coaching?

Career coaching is for people who may be experiencing redundancy and not sure what direction to go forward in, reached a point in your life where your current career no longer works for you, or you may be in a role that you want to progress in.   You may be feeling like you are stuck in a rut and don’t know which way to turn.

If you are looking to map out your career path, or are struggling with a decision around a potential career change, then I can assist you with a clear short and long term plan to reach your goal. I can assist with the creation of choices and the evaluation of possible situations and solutions. 

There are many times in our life where our circumstances change, and we feel stuck in our career, or don’t feel that we are progressing as quickly as we would have liked, but we don’t have to accept that situation we can do something positive to change it.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results.

How can I help you?
  • Help you to get your next job
  • Support you to make a career transition
  • Coach you to succeed in the role you are already in
  • Understand what issues may be holding you back emotionally (Imposter syndrome, previous issues at work) and steps to take to overcome them
  • Help you to get that promotion
  • Gain clarity on how to move forward


If and when redundancy happens, it can turn your life upside down, sometimes it can be for the best, but other times it can be devastating for people. It doesn’t matter whether you are accepting of it or not, it can still affect your confidence, motivation, income & security, and future direction. After the initial shock, denial, anger, & depression comes a window of opportunity to work out what your next steps are. I help my clients by showing them different paths that they can take, and what they need to do to get there. We look at what their transferable skills are, what types of things motivate them, work on their CV, or interviewing skills, and brainstorm options. We build a list of actions together, with timelines so that there is a positive and clear plan going forward to achieve your desired outcomes.

My passion in life is helping people to realise their potential. I have started again a few times in my life, and most recently successfully completed my CIPD Diploma level 5 in Human Resources Management. I proved to myself that I could do it, and so can you. Sometimes all we need is that friendly help and support to help us to see a different way forward in life.

Change in Direction

You may have been with a company for a long time, and thinking of making a career change, or just feeling that your career isn’t working for you anymore. This can be really scary as what next? How do you know what direction to go in, and how to get there? I worked for a company for 27 years and then met my future husband who happened to live 100 miles away. I knew the future life I wanted, but couldn’t see at the time how I could make it happen. I travelled a lot with my job, which I started to resent as it was keeping me away from what I wanted. I knew that I had to make changes, as it wasn’t fair on my colleagues, or on the company. I did make changes 10 years ago, and I am now married, and have a 5 year old little girl and our dog Major who is nearly 10. You can have the life and career that you want, and I can help you achieve this. The answers are inside us, and coaching helps you to decide what you want, and what steps are needed to achieve those changes.

Hourly career coaching from £75 per hour.

Price packages can be built bespoke to your individual needs.


£ 225

one off payment

  • 3 one hour coaching sessions
  • Ideal if you are feeling stuck in your career and need clarity or mentoring on a particular issue that may be holding you back

Job search

£ 300

one off payment

  • 4 one hour coaching sessions
  • Ideal if you have been made redundant or been out of work for a while
  • Professional support & guidance with your job search
  • Support with CV, Interview, self marketing
  • Includes email support between sessions


£ 420

one off payment

  • 6 one hour coaching sessions
  • Change can be challenging to work through alone, this package is ideal if you are considering a career change
  • Mentoring support on issues that may be holding you back
  • Includes email and telephone support between sessions

About me

My name is Lisa Bowling and I have over 30 years experience in senior and International leadership, and recently successfully completed my CIPD Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources Management. During my time in International I covered 19 countries, 12 franchise partners, +200 stores with a combined annual turnover of +150M. I have a strong commercial and operational background having also worked as an Area Manager for a large pharmaceutical business covering 42 stores. I am passionate about developing people and helping them to recognise their potential. I do this by learning about your strengths and passions in life and focussing on your natural skills.

I am CIPD Level 5 qualified in Human Resources Management, and I have diplomas in performance coaching, life coaching, life purpose coaching, spiritual life coaching, NLP practitioner.

How will you work with me?

I will have an initial consultation with you to understand your current situation and what you want to achieve. The following sessions will be bespoke to your individual needs, and focussed around self awareness, building confidence, creating clarity and focus for future actions, and building a clear career plan. I also include work around your CV, interviewing skills, transferable skills, overcoming imposter syndrome, recognising how previous issues may be holding you back.

I work with people that are committed to achieving their career goals, so if you are ready to embrace change and take action, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. I hold virtual sessions or in person sessions.

Don’t worry if you are short of time as I do virtual sessions as well as face to face, so it doesn’t matter where you live I can accommodate you.

I want to make positive changes, what next?

Get in touch for a free initial chat to see how I can help you.

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I want to begin this review by saying how lovely Lisa is. If you’re someone who is feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, and lacking direction, Lisa can really help you make sense of it all.

It can sometimes be hard to talk about how you feel with family members and friends. Sometimes ‘things will work out’ or ‘it will soon blow over’ isn’t enough help you make sense of it all.

Lisa has helped me gain clarity in my career. Through her years of knowledge and professional approach she really does help you see sense. I would highly recommend her at Pink Phoenix Coaching!


I had a coaching session with Lisa that was brilliant. It wasn’t about giving me advice, answers or solutions but about allowing me the space to think and explore various options and think about how each option may impact me. I have since come up with some goals with achievable timelines and feel invigorated and focused. Lisa also helped me see that sometimes even with focus things may not work to my plan but explored with me how I could adapt to that and re plan if needed.

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