A non-rigid approach to HR

I provide a HR support and advice service to small business owners.  My area of expertise is managing employee performance, and have over 30 years’ experience, with leading and managing employee’s. I adapt my style to suit the individual business owner, depending on what stage their employment journey is at.  I help business owners who are recruiting their first employee, expanding their business for growth, or providing hands on support with dealing with any problematic issues that have occurred, that you need support with.

What are the benefits of using me to support your business?

My services are bespoke to your individual business needs.  I don’t just do HR, I have a strong background in business leadership and International operations.  I will assess what processes and procedures you currently have in place, and then advise and implement what is needed to put your business in the right place.  Once everything is in place, I can advise you on what actions you can take to develop your current employees, or what skillsets you need for future business growth.  I am very commercially minded, results driven, and have strong operational experience, to support you with lots of different aspects in your business.

Costs less than an internal member

Using a HR consultant costs a lot less than employing someone inhouse to do it. If you were to employ someone inhouse, it would cost you around £40,000 per year.  My costs are only a fraction of this, and you have the reassurance that someone is at the end of the phone to help you.  I can work on a monthly retainer basis, or you can do pay as you go, you choose how you want to work with me.



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